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Literally Yours Turkey
Literally Yours Turkey
Literally Yours Turkey

Literally Yours Turkey

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Here is a tickable tote bag with a list of the best things to do in Turkey.

If you have ever been to Turkey or planning to visit this stunningly beautiful and culturally rich country, this tote bag should be literally yours. Next to every attraction lies a little box to put a checkmark for you to personalize it even further! Just grab your fabric pen, start ticking off the boxes, and record your unique Turkey experience.  

  • 100% heavy-weight certified organic cotton canvas
  • 38 x 42 cm (big enough to fit your MacBook Pro)
  • Created and hand-screen-printed in Paris
  • This bag is such a conversation starter, so in case you stumble upon someone that you don’t want to talk to, we’ve left one side un-printed.
  • Written by: Ayca
  • Designed by: Ceylan
  • Screen-printed by: Sandrine
Literally Yours Turkey